Is your business data safe?

Ransomware, malware, and viruses can all destroy your data, or hold it hostage.

Nobody plans to lose all their data to ransomware, malware, and viruses

But you can plan to avoid it with F-Secure Protection Service for Business

What is “F-Secure Protection Service For Business”?

Protection Service for Business is the best, most comprehensive endpoint protection package on the market, designed from the ground up to solve your challenging business security needs. It protects all your endpoints, from Windows and Mac to mobile devices, against threats like
ransomware, data breaches and 0-day attacks, without requiring significant maintenance or management overhead.

Protection Service for Business is the only unified multi-endpoint security solution that comes with integrated Patch Management, Mobile Device Management, and a Password Manager.

F-Secure has proven to provide superior and more consistent protection than their competitors, as verified by independent security experts.
Thanks to their pioneering security technologies, such as real-time threat intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms, F-Secure is always one step ahead of the attackers.   Download the F-Secure PSB Brochure PDF.

Best-of-breed business protection for computers, mobiles, and servers

F-Secure PSB Components

Below are the 5 main components of F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business (PSB).   Each link will take you to the F-Secure website to learn more or you can download this technical brochure for more details.

The F-Secure Portfolio

F-Secure covers all aspects of cyber security from prediction and prevention to detection and response.  From best-in-class endpoint protection to cyber security strategies and incident response, F-Secure covers your business’ IT security needs.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection with advanced security features for businesses of all sizes.
F-Secure PSB Product Brochure

Email Protection

Keep your email safe with data-loss prevention, email encryption and the best malware and anti-spam technology available.
Messaging Security Gateway

Managed Detection and Response

The best of human and machine intelligence with a promise to alert the customer within just 30 minutes.
Rapid Detection Brochure

Network Protection

Keep your network protected and private.
Internet Gatekeeper Product Flyer

Vulnerability Management

Control and manage risk with powerful vulnerability scanning software.
Radar Product Brochure

Cloud Protection

Keep content stored in the cloud safe, secure and protected.
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Why The IT Guys Prefer & Offer F-Secure

We chose F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB) as our own primary device protection software, after researching several options for our own business needs.

Over the past couple decades, we have seen everything from security products becoming so bloated they slow devices down, to security products actually becoming delivery vectors for the very malware they promise to protect you from.  Finding a solution that was affordable, reliable, effective, and non-invasive were our primary criteria.

F-Secure is an award winning, highly ranked product in the industry.  The AV-Test Institute – an independent IT-Security institute that performs certification tests on security products – has awarded more Best Protection awards to F-Secure, than more well-known companies, such as Symantec.  It has been consistently in the top three of the best antivirus for Windows Business users since 2015.

And the best part is:  It is very affordable.  Drop us a line via our contact page below if you would like a quote!

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