Data Backup:

Besides people, the one thing that cannot be replaced in your business is your data. Having a frequent, resilient and off-site backup copy of your data is critical. Ransomware (viruses that encrypt your documents then demand payment to decrypt) is on the rise. Although important to have, antivirus software is always one-step behind the hackers. It must be combined with a reliable backup, so that if your documents are corrupted or deleted, they can be recovered quickly.  Even if Ransomware wasn't a problem, we've all deleted the wrong document, or accidentally saved over it.  Recreating documents is a waste of time and money, avoid that hassle by implementing the right backup strategy for your business.

Disaster Recovery:

Is your business ready if tragedy strikes? From power outages due to inclement weather (windstorms, freezing rain) to a flooded server room or an office fire - what contingency plans are in place to get back up and running as quickly as possible? IT Guys Consulting can assist you with creating those plans, and testing them. A staggering number of business fail to recover after a disaster. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Insurance claims do not recover lost data or lost time.

Business Continuity:

Can't afford the downtime in the case of a disaster? Business Continuity Planning is the next step.  By utilizing backup generators, redundant off-site servers, cloud services and providing your employees with laptops and remote access, your business can "keep the lights on" even if your office neighbourhood has been without power for a week.  IT Guys Consulting can assist you with creating an IT infrastructure that aligns with your Business Continuity goals.


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