Desktop Virtualization

Purchasing and maintaining fleets of desktops and laptops for your employees is costly and sometimes isn't the best solution for your business. By utilizing thin clients (simple hardware the connects a monitor, keyboard and mouse) or a website portal to a desktop session actually running on a secured server, you can eliminate purchasing (and replacing) those desktops and laptops. Instead of purchasing systems or hiring employees to maintain those fleets, administrative tasks (new software, security patches) only need to be completed once (at the server). Branch offices, task workers (employees performing repetitive tasks such as Point of Sale retail) and external consultants are all excellent candidates for desktop virtualization.

Server Virtualization:

The days of purchasing a new physical server to accomplish a single task are over. Under-utilized hardware is wasted money. Virtualization technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware eliminate this issue by running multiple server operating systems and their applications on the same piece of physical hardware.  By spending less on hardware, you can invest more into the rest of your business and make a real difference to your bottom line.